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TOBY, the dwarf clown, had good reason to regret the indiscretion that had led to his downfall and to his imprisonment for weeks inside his caravan.

The in jury to his head was a minor matter, though memories of it persisted in recurring headaches that made him a difficult person to live with. There were worse things: the doctor had discovered a broken rib, and his knee was the most serious of all, for water formed on it; not only was it painful, but there was danger that it would always be a drawback to him unless long rest effected a complete cure. A dismal prospect to a performer whose living was dependent on his agility: Toby writhed, but submitted with an ill grace.

Nobody took any pains to make his life agreeable. He was in disgrace with Big Dan; only his value as an oddity had saved him from being dismissed, dumped into the nearest hospital. He was informed, in an interview with the Boss that Toby found singularly unpleasant, that he would be looked after, but that his pay would be stopped