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"That black pony of his is gettin' clever too," Eddie said, gloomily, when the attack had subsided and it appeared safe to administer further torment. "Joe says he'11 make a great ring-pony. An' he says Hugh'11 be ridin' in the first half of the program before long."

Toby growled. This did not interest him. He cared nothing for what Hugh might do, so long as he did not clown.

"That'11 spoil the surprise of him in the second half," he said hopefully.

"No, it won't. I heard Mother an' Dad talkin' about it when I was in bed. They're goin' to make him up dark: black wig an' all. Curls again, I bet," added Eddie, bitterly. "He's to be a match for Nita."

"I'd spoil his beauty for him if I could!" said Toby, with venom.

"An' Jeff, that's so keen on him, is goin' to ride too. Dad says he's gettin' real friendly with the Boss. Him!— an' he's only a tent-hand. They were sayin' you'11 most likely be put in the first half when you get well: the Boss'11 never take Hugh's turn off."

"I'U see if he shifts me!" spat Toby. "The second half's my show, an' I'll stay there!"

"Don't see what you could do if you did. There wouldn't be no business for you: you'd only be runnin' round after them." At which Toby's features became so alarmingly convulsed that Eddie thought it prudent to be silent.

"Well, I'm gettin' up tomorrow," the dwarf announced