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presently. "Been long enough shut up here. It'11 do me knee good to get a bit of exercise."

"When d'you think you'11 be able to play?"

"Got to see how I feel. I can't afford to run risks. But once I get movin' round again I can see that they don't get a chance to believe I'm out of the world."

Toby's reappearance in the outer life of the Circus was not greeted with any enthusiasm. He hobbled about on crutches, a sullen little figure, always on the alert to watch Hugh. At first he appeared whenever practice was going on; but the sight of the big head, the sallow, watchful face, had an unexpectedly depressing effect on Hugh, and at length Jeff ordered him curtly to keep out of the way. Toby responded with a venom that, unfortunately for him, attracted Big Dan's attention in passing.

"What's up?" he asked.

Jeff explained briefly. He regarded Toby with pity as one handicapped by fate, and had no wish to hurt his feelings.

"Oh, we reckon practice ought to be private, sir. Hugh gets a bit jumpy bein' stared at all the time."

"What's he doin' with feelings?" snarled Toby. "Ain't he makin' out he's a performer?"

"Not your business if he is," said the Boss, curtly. He had no mind to allow any drawback to the scanty practice-hours, and he possessed a full understanding of the possibilities of jumpy nerves in young animals, whether horses or boys. "You remember, practice is private, an'