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there was no chance of accomplishing it. Hugh rarely came his way, and if he did it was extremely unlikely that he could be induced to take a pill. Toby did not, indeed, try to plan ways and means, nor did he give any thought to the possible consequences of such an act. It was enough for his bitter mind to cherish the thought of Hugh rendered incapable of taking his place in the ring.

He went so far as to confide his idea to Eddie one morning when the caravan was crawling along a dull road—speaking of it lightly, as rather a good practical joke. Somewhat to his surprise, the boy was inclined to take it seriously.

"Whew-w! You'd never have the pluck to do a thing like that!"

"Wouldn't I!" Toby's tone was lofty. "If I saw any way of managin' it I'd show you whether I had the pluck or not!"

"Well, you are a caution, Tobe!" said Eddie, admiringly. "Why don't you?"

"Only because I don't see any way. I can't hardly hold him down an' make him swaller one, can I?"

"Might, between us. Only he'd be off to Jeff like a shot, an' there'd be no end of a row."

"That's silly talk. A thing like that has got to be plotted and planned very careful, so he'd never know he'd taken anything. But it's only an idea that came into my brain. I got a brain that's always full of ideas, Eddie. That's how it is I'm a great clown."