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"You're that, all right. Well, why don't you make your old brain work over this?"

Toby feit that he was on his mettle. He looked important.

"Oh, I guess the right idea'11 come to me. I've only got to think a bit for that. Mind, this is a dead secret between you an' me. If you ever dared to open your mouth about it " He looked threatening.

"Me?—not likely," said Eddie hastily, quailing under the dwarf's little eyes.

"Well, it 'ud be all to your advantage if it came off," Toby remarked, cunningly. "If Hugh was out of the ring you'd have to take his place—there wouldn't be any one else. An' I'm sure you could do his silly turn just as well as he does."

"I bet I could." Eddie became suddenly interested. "My word, I'd like to! Dad's been beastly to me lately. He says I'm no good in the Circus. When you don't need me any more they're goin' to send me to my aunt in Sydney to go to school. I'd rather die than go there—I hate my aunt."

"That's too bad," said the dwarf. "Now, if Hugh was out of the way you'd be all right: I'd put you up to lots of ring tricks. I believe you an' I could plan a turn together that 'ud knock Joey silly."

"Oh, I say, Tobe, do plan it!" cried Eddie eagerly. "I know you can, if you only try. I'll help. Can't we think of some way together?"

"I do my thinkin' best alone," Toby answered with