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solemnity. "When I'm in bed at night—that's the time my great ideas come to me."

"Well, you go to bed early tonight," begged Eddie.

"That's no good. It's when everything's still an' silent. Then my brain works—if only Joe didn't snore like a pig. There's times when I'd gladly get up an' kill Joe! But look here, Eddie; if we're to do anything we'11 have to be very cunning."

"Rather!" said Eddie. "How?"

"Well, to begin with, we've got to be very nice to Hugh. So long as he thinks we're his enemies we wouldn't have the ghost of a chance of gettin' him near us."

"I don't want to be nice to the little ass. I can't stand the sight of him—never could!"

"Oh, hold your silly tongue!" snapped the dwarf. "Don't I teil you we've got to act cunning? That's the only way we'd ever manage to dose him. Our job is to make him think we're friendly, so he won't have any suspicions."

Oh! said Eddie, gloomily. "Blessed if I know how I can."

"Well, you don't want to slobber over him. That 'ud make him suspicious first go off—an' we must be gradual. Just be very civil to him an' the fellers he's with: Joey, too. Don't go out of your way about it; just look at 'em friendly an' speak nice. After a bit you might get a chance of doin' some little job for one of 'em."

"Ugh!" said Eddie, beginning to regret that he was a plotter.