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any kind of a scrub. You come along an' see. Like to ride?"

Would they! Their faces answered him. George grinned, unshackling the elephants: and in a few moments all three were mounted, Nita on Ali, Hugh on Gunga, and George leading the way on big Ram Singh. Mrs. Dan watched them go, her face placid. She had learned to be very content about Nita when she was with Hugh.

The way led across an open plain covered with tussocks of rough grass, among which the elephants picked their way carefully, as if knowing that in any might lie the possibility of a coiled-up snake. Hugh watched the movements of the great feet.

"I like to see the way they move."

"They're wonderful noiseless in bush," George said. "You'd never think big things like them could move so quiet. They piek up their feet clean; then they put them down perfectly straight, an' very gentle, so that anything gets crushed softly. My father told me you could be right up against a herd of 'em feeding in thick jungle an' never know they were there."

"Was that in India, George?"

"Yes. There's elephants in Africa, but my father never took any interest in them. 'Cause why, you can't train an African elephant. At least, no one ever I heard of could, though I often wonder if those black kings and chiefs hadn't ways of their own. But they beat white men if they had."