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"He'd never have touched them, would he?" asked Hugh.

"I don't suppose he meant to—he was only showin' off, 'cause there were a lot of township boys on the fence. I suppose he thought they'd imagine he was the keeper. But he flicked a bit too careless an' caught the corner of Gunga's eye."

"Whew-w!" whistled Hugh. "What did Gunga do?"

"Gunga's got too much sense to do anything he shouldn't. He's a gentleman—an' that's more than any one'11 ever be able to say for Eddie. Steve said he just shook his head as if he was shakin' off a fly. Steve yelled, an' Eddie went for his life, an' the boys on the fence laughed fit to split their sides at him, which he wouldn't like. He didn't like the dressing-down I gave him afterwards, either. For two pins I'd have taken him to the Boss. You needn't teil your Dad this, Nita. Eddie said he was sorry, so that ended it."

"Mummy says never to teil Daddy anything to make him cross, so I don't!" remarked Nita, loftily.

"Your Mummy has judgment. A circus boss has enough little oddments to upset his temper. I was cross enough—an' Gunga's eye is sore yet: he knocked the skin off at the corner. A bull's skin is awful easy hurt. It looks as thick as hippo-hide, but it's anything but: the least little thing'11 chafe it. When you come to examine it, its almost like flesh. Those people that stuff a dead buil have an awful hard time with the skin."

"That's how it is mosquitoes can give them such a bad