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knowin' what he did—but what made the Boss have that mad idea of puttin' him in the lead, just that one day? I reckon there's more guardian angels about than most of us reckernize." George smoked for a few moments in silence, looking at his elephants, now standing motionless and happy in the sand.

"What would you do if they got bogged in there?" Nita asked.

"They won't get bogged. They know too much about sand. Didn't you watch the way they went in, tryin' it every yard? You wouldn't catch them on dangerous sand —not when they could see it. I've heard of bulls gettin' bogged in a river in India, an' then they'11 get hold of anything they can an' put it under their feet. They've been known—when they've been desperate—to pull the man off their back, an' use him."

"What—to stand on! But they'd kill him!" uttered Hugh.

"Well, he wouldn't survive. I reckon a man 'ud take to swimmin' fairly quick once he feit his buil was bogged. People generally throw 'em faggots of brushwood, if they can get 'em, an' they'11 use 'em wonderful. I teil you, there's mighty little they can't do. They can go up or down a hill where the slope is too steep for any horse. I've always been sorry I never went to India, 'cause I'd like to see one tackle a tiger. My father seen lots—he was years in India."

"Ram could easy kill a tiger with those long tusks of his," said Nita.