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An' that 'ud be a new thing in the ring, so I hope the Boss gives in to you, chicken. Well—here we are."

They swung into the pitch, and Hugh helped George to shackle the elephants while Nita danced off to the blue caravan. It was nearly tea-time; already the hands were drifting towards the mess-wagon, near which the big cauldron was steaming. Hugh strolied over, aware that he had begun to want his tea.

Eddie Pratt, a black teapot in his hand, gave him a greeting as he passed. It was still Toby's custom to have his meals in his caravan, and Eddie shared his tea as a reward for buying the extra delicacies the dwarf loved. Toby was like a greedy child where food was concerned: the thick bread and butter served from the mess-wagon did not tempt him.

Hugh looked round for Jeff or Micky. Neither was visible: and Joey was already supplied with tea and was enjoying it among a group of men at a little distance under a tree. Hugh decided to wait a few moments in the hope of seeing his friends arrivé. He sat down on the grass.

Suddenly he heard his name called.

"Hugh!" It was Eddie, coming towards him with his teapot.

" 'M?" He looked up lazily.

"I say, you might take this over to Toby. He's waitin', an' old Crowe's just sendin' me on a message—he'11 be wild if I don't hurry."