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""fp^vID you see where he went?"

JU "You bet I did. I've been dodgin' about watchin', ever since he came out of the wagon."

"I saw you. I was peekin' out o' the window. He played for an age with the Crowe kid, an' then his little head began to droop—bless him! Hee-hee!"

"Well, it's took all right. He's under a bush behind their tent, sleep in' like a pig. How long'11 it last, Tobe?"

"There won't be a stir out of him before morning—not if I know my pills."

"Good business!" Eddie grinned. "I say, Tobe, it won't poison him, will it?"

"Lor' no! The Chink I get those from in Sydney said any one could take 'em."

"But you gave him as much as you take yourself, an' he's a kid."

"He'11 only sleep all the longer. No sense in givin' him what would wear off too soon. You trust old Toby!"