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"You're a caution!" said Eddie admiringly. "Was it hard to manage?"

"Not for any one with my brains. Just needed cleverness an' quickness. He only thought his first cup was a bit sweet—hee-hee!"

His tone changed to one of curt authority.

"Now, look here, young Eddie. You don't know anything about him, of course. Some of the men may have noticed him bringin' my teapot over, but you an' I'll swear he only left it, an' never came in, an' that we had tea together as usual. Get that?"

Eddie nodded.

"Your job is to be handy when some one is needed to take his place. You can't go an' sit in the seats, of course: that 'ud look suspicious. But be where they can get hold of you easy—they'11 be in such a hole they'11 be only too glad to grab you. An' mind you're clean."

"I can't do that undressin' on the bull's head."

"Of course you can't. But you can sit there."

Eddie shivered. "I hate that part. I can't bear a bull's trunk touchin' me."

"Don't you be a young idiot. All you've got to do is to keep still; the buil knows his business. You've watched Hugh often enough to know how he stands. The whole thing'11 be ruined if you funk that part." The dwarf thrust his face almost into Eddie's. "An' if you do, I'll give the whole show away an' see that you get all the blame. It wouldn't be the least trouble for my brain to work that."