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knew, was already in bed. Eddie would have to be found.

It seemed to him that luck played into his hands, for at the tent entrance he almost ran into Eddie. Another figure, on crutches, was lurking further back in the shadow, but Jeff saw only the boy he needed. He caught him by the arm.

"Here—Hugh's sick. Can you do his turn with Joey?"

Course I can, responded Eddie, with a readiness that surprised Jeff, even in his anxiety.

"Well, slip into the seat he uses an' be ready if you're wanted. Don't you muff it, now!"

"Not me!" said Eddie, importantly. The figure in the shadows chuckled faintly.

In the ring Big Dan was looking like thunder. Two men were absent, and there was no sign of Hugh in his usual place. Under cover of the turn that was going on Jeff approached him.

"Hugh's sick, sir. Found him unconscious."

Big Dan's jaw dropped. He stared at Jeff blankly.

"I've sent young Eddie into the seats, an' told him to do his best with the turn if you're willing," Jeff said rapidly.

"Quick work," said the Boss, with approval. "You've got a head. He 11 muddie through somehow. Is he game to let Ram put him up?"

"I hadn't time to ask him. We've been hunting for Hugh—only found him a few minutes ago."

"Is he very bad?"