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"Can't say," Jeff answered, unhappily. "Pazo's getting Mrs. Peterson to look at him."

"Well, I'll send Joey to you. Teil him to make what arrangements he can with Eddie in the ring. I'll cut out the business with Ram if necessary. It would happen when we've a big house!" mourned the Boss. He moved off with apparent carelessness to where Joey was standing, gazing with an air of rapture at the performers. A word in his ear, and the clown made a waddling run, as if to secure a better view, that brought him near Jeff.

Joey's feelings, as he learned the situation, were beyond mere words for expression. He had bitter experience of Eddie in the ring; moreover, it would be necessary to alter much of the turn, since he handled Hugh in a way that would be impossible with his heavy substitute. Still, it had to be faced, and part of a clown's job was to deal with the unexpected. He grinned to conceal his emotions, secured a laugh by kissing Jeff affectionately on both cheeks, and trotted away.

He needed that laugh, for he got few with Eddie. The scene with the feeding-bottle was devoid of all its usual life: in the ring play that followed Eddie was, as Micky put it, like a calf that had lost its mother. He did his best, but he was anxious and nervous. The dread of Toby was heavy on him. It was small wonder that he looked bovine and moved clumsily. The crowd was only mildly interested. A few men who had seen the show before regretted audibly that they hadn't the jolly youngster they had