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last time: Big Dan's quick ears caught the remark, and his brow grew heavy again.

The elephants came in at last. Joey caught his assistant and hoisted him with difficulty to his shoulders.

"What about Ram?" he whispered, as he waddled to the side of the ring.

"I can let him put me up. I can't undress, of course."

"That doesn't matter—just sit still an' cheek me. For goodness' sake try to put a little life into it, like Hugh does."

The words were bitter to Eddie. He had been quite satisfied with his performance: it seemed to him that he had nothing to learn from Hugh, or, for that matter, from Joey. The business with the elephant was not a pleasant prospect, but he told himself that he would soon get used to it. After all, he had only to keep still and let Ram Singh do the work: and he had often been on an elephant bef ore. He wondered if Toby were watching him.

When the moment came he slid down from Joey's shoulders and scuttled across the ring, forgetting some of the dodging that usually went on, so that he arrived a little too soon; the elephants had not quite finished their turn. George waved him aside; he obeyed, slightly flurried. Gunga, standing with his forefeet on a tub, ringing a bell, looked at him uneasily. Eddie saw the cut near his eye, and was glad that it was not Gunga he had to mount.

The elephants finished their work amid applause and