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galloped over to the corner and came to a halt by his pickets, sweating and trembling.

Within the Big Top, Ram Singh and Ali behaved with all the calmness of good breeding. It was so evident to Ram Singh that Eddie did not wish to mount that he lowered the struggling form gently to the ground—whereupon Eddie scuttled away like a rabbit and was lost to sight in the horse-tent. Big Dan smiled benevolently on the excited crowd, with a whispered word to George and a signal to the band. The elephants obeyed the music; they waltzed solemnly round the ring, Joey waltzing before them, softly chanting a lullaby. At the exit Ram Singh gathered him into his trunk, while Ali did the same for George, bearing them out of sigh. Nita dashed in, a gleaming figure, on Merrylegs. Peterson's Circus had not been thrown out of its stride.