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HUGH opened his eyes late next morning. At first he was too sleepy to understand anything except that he was evidently still dreaming; so he shut them again, and at once knew he was awake. He experimented several times. It was very curious. The dream was one of splendor: a gorgeous caravan interior, with yellow curtains. That was how he was certain it was a dream, for in just such a caravan did he plan to sleep when Jeff and he owned the Dream-Circus. But with shut eyes all this gorgeousness vanished and he was simply awake in the dark.

A low giggle at this point intruded on his reflections. He opened his eyes quickly. This was even more peculiar, for Nita had come into the dream.

"You do look funny when you blink your eyes like that," she stated. "Is that how you always wake up?"

"Where am I?" demanded the bewildered Hugh.

"You're in our caravan."

"I can't be!"