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cross, but not with you. He said 'Poor kid!' when he saw you."

"Oh—do teil me what happened! What did Joey do? Was there a frost? Why did I go and sleep like that?"

Nita looked puzzled. "Don't you know anything about it?"

"No, of course I don't. I'd think you were just talking rot, only I don't know why I'm here."

"Well, you went to sleep 'cause Toby put some stuff in your tea what made you. An' then all I've been tellin' you all this time happened, an' they couldn't wake you up, an' Eddie took your turn."

"Was it all right?"—swiftly.

"No, it was awful. An' when Ram Singh picked him up he struggled like mad, an' he kicked Gunga in the eye. So Gunga went musth, leastways if it wasn't musth I don't know what it was, an' he bolted out of the Big Top by the crowd's door. It was simply lovely! Everybody yelled, an' the crowd nearly broke the seats, an' Gunga trumpeted, an' Eddie howled. Oh, I do wish you hadn't missed it, 'cause I never had such a time! Hugh, it was gor-jus! An' Eddie ran away an' hid, an' George an' Joey made the bulls waltz out, an' I galloped in on Merrylegs, an' they clapped me harder than I ever was clapped!"

"Well—I'm—blessed!" breathed Hugh.

"Oh, an' I forgot to teil you about Toby. He was sneakin' round outside in the dark, 'cause he hoped he'd messed the show all up. An' Gunga met him an' hit him