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with his trunk awful hard. I guess he feit he had to hit something, an' wasn't it luck it was Toby! She giggled delightedly.

"He didn't kill him, did he?"

"No, but he hurt him a lot, an' now he's gone to a hospital! An' Dad says he'11 never have him in the show again, not if he came to him on his bended knees. I don't know why he would come bending his knees, but that's what Dad said anyhow." She sighed. "Oh, I do think it's a pity you missed it all, only, of course, if you hadn't, none of it would have happened!"

Hugh looked at the impish little face.

Nita, it isn t all a yarn, is it? Why don't I remember going to sleep?"

"I dunno. D'you remember goin' to tea with Toby?"

"Yes, I remember that," he said, slowly. "It was beastly there; I hated it. And didn't I play with Lennie afterwards?—or was that some other day? I'm not sure. Did Toby teil any one he put stuff in my tea? I didn't taste anything."

"Toby didn't say a word about it. He said a lot of things, but Mummy wouldn't let me stay an' hear them. That was when I was comin' back after my turn, an' he was lyin' on the ground. But Eddie knew all about it. He got awful frightened because of all the fuss. Bellowed, he did! An' he told Mr. Pratt how he an' Toby had fixed it all up to get you to Toby's wagon an' give you the sleepin' stuff. I think I'd have held my tongue if I'd been Eddie, she concluded, reflectively.