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the attempt. And by whatever name I may call her, and however famous she may make that name, the name of Rosing shall go always with her, tied irrevocably to hers, so that she will never escape it, and with her, through her, I shall live again in the history of the Ballet!"

This sudden enthusiasm, so typical of him, was as usual succeeded by a burst of melancholy. He reflected abruptly:

"Why excite myself in this ridiculous fashion? What do I know about her? Nothing. She is a little slut that I see dancing with great vulgarity, yet with a certain promise, in a third-rate cirque ambulant. She may be incapable of any groundwork. Her faults may be too deep-rooted ever to eradicate. The juggler may whistle her away. Anything may happen. I am an old fooi."

He sighed, and looked so sad that Paulina, who was beginning to feel sleepy, feit quite sorry for him. She

said consolingly:

"Please, please, don't change your mind. As well as learning to dance, there are so many things that I could do for you. I waited on Nurdo hand and foot. I'll do anything for you, because you have been so good to me. Would you like to be my lover, as he was?"

She was, after all, only a little animal. She had everything to learn, and she seemed willing to learn it.

"Nurdo," he told her, "is by no means typical of all men. You mustn't get these ideas into your head. You are very young, and if you are to be a serious dancer, as X told you last night, you will have no time for lovers. Is that quite understood?"

"But of course it is!" She hesitated, and added: "I don't want—I am not in love with any one!

"A la bonne heure!" He wished to change the subject and inquired: "You haven't yet told me your full name. What is it?"