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She agreed with enthusiasm, for she much enjoyed visiting Martens. Sometimes the sedate richness of Rosing's house oppressed her, but in the drafty, disorderly studio she feit at home immediately. Furthermore Martens' unconventional conversation nearly always revolved round herself, which was in itself immensely gratifying. And there was another, more childish reason for her pleasure in these visits—Martens always produced for tea, on the days when she was expected, a pile of bilious sugary cakes, and Lina, at sixteen, was still youthful enough to take delight in sweetmeats.

She became accustomed to the gloomy painter, and before long entertained for him very 'much the same vague affection as she had once feit for the grizzly bear in Rambert's circus.

But she did not, in future, encourage him to talk of Rosing or of Rosing's feelings toward her. Those, she decided, were matters that should remain, for the present at least, entirely secret.