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down to piek up the scattered sweets, "I think that you have made a conquest. And such a romantic gentleman! Such whiskers, and such long elegant legs!"

Lina continued to peer out of the window.

"Really, a conquest," Marie insisted.

"That's all very well," Lina said discontentedly, "but he's gone now. Every one's gone to the Carnival."

"Not every one," Marie objected, "only the young people of the town."

"Well, we are young, aren't we? And yet it's already time for my lesson."

She went up-stairs, changed into her practise dress of mist-colored tarlatan, and descended to the salon, where the room was cleared for the lesson, but where Rosing had not as yet appeared.

She feit lively, active, filled with a nervous energy. She began dutifully to practise at the bar, but soon tiring of these mechanical exercises she advanced to the center of the floor, where to her own intense satisfaction she performed there and then the exhausting feat of thirty fouettés. Never, before, had she been able to achieve this particular tour de jorce, and she was enchanted, when she turned, panting, to see Rosing watching her from the doorway.

"You see what I have just done—thirty fouettés? Next time it shall be thirty-two."

But Rosing exclaimed dramatically, almost shaking her in his anger:

"Never, never again let me see you perform such tricks, do you hear? Never, never again! Leave acrobatics to others,—must I teil you more than a hundred times the same thing?"

She said dejectedly: "It was Carnival. I feit gay."

"Carnival! Is that any excuse for straining your muscles and the arches of your feet?"