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matters. But until then, I wished to guard my secret, my discovery. However, I have reflected a great deal during the last few days, and I am by no means certain that it would not be of benefit to you to visit Milan and dance there inconspicuously in the ballet for a few months. You see, Lina, I think that you will one day be a great dancer, perhaps a very great dancer indeed, and while I believe that I am entirely capable of teaching you, at the same time I could never forgive myself if I denied you any experience, any modern teaching, that might afterward be of service to you in your career."

"But," she objected, "I might dance at the audition and yet not be chosen for the corps de ballet."

"No," said Rosing in a very definite tone of voice. He repeated again, shaking his head: "No. If you dance at all, you will be chosen. That I can promise."

"I would like to go."

"I have no doubt that you would like to go. That is not the point. The point is whether it would be of advantage to you to dance for some months in that famous corps de ballet or whether you would be better off here. Personally, I am inclined to think that the experience would be good for you."

There was a pause.

She asked suddenly, softly: "If I went to Milan for some time, would you leave me, or would you stay there with me?"

He turned toward her with a gesture at once troubled, evasive.

"Who can teil? All that, in any case, is for the future, eight months ahead."

"I would be unhappy if you left me."

She smiled at him again then, looking straight into his face.

"You know I would," she continued gravely. "You