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Lina was learning Cerito's masterpiece, "the dance with a shadow," and Rosing professed himself pleased with her progress. Sometimes he played her accompaniments on the piano, but more often on the violin, the better to observe her every movement. Soon after Carnival, however, he engaged a pianist, a music-master from the town, to play while she danced, observing that he wished to give her his undivided attention. Furthermore, instead of the rather rough ballet shoes obtainable at that time in Brussels, he himself sent to Paris for boxes and boxes of delicate sandals, softer, more flexible than silk. Nothing further was said, but she began to realize that she was definitely going to Milan for the audition.

Rosing worked her harder than ever, and she was too tired, when he had finished a course of tuition that still included the Russian language, even to visit her friend Martens at his studio.

Although her dancing hours were longer than ever, her master was gentier, more enthusiastic, and not quite so ready to find fault. The truth was that he had begun to realize that in this particular instance, with this great talent that had dropped to him from the skies, it was of no use attempting to model the pupil after his own particular forms or individual experience. His vast personal knowledge he could, and did, convey to her, otherwise he concentrated solely upon that lack of technique without which even the freshness and delicacy of her dancing would still have been incomplete.

By this time she could speak broken Russian, but that was not enough for him, and when she was ready to drop