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the writing-table, sat down, produced his check-book, and wrote for a moment.

"Lina ... I think you will agree that I'm treating you generously. Even if you were penniless, which you are not, the provision that I'm making for you should be adequate for this next year."

She took the check from him, looked at it, folded it and placed it carefully in her bag.

"Thank you. And now, good-by."

She held out her hand.

"My dear, aren't you going to say farewell a little

more gracefully?"

"No. There's no longer any need for gracefulness between you and me. We have found each other out. Perhaps we are a little alike."

"Then good-by."

He kissed her hand with his usual courtesy.

At the door he paused.

"At least, Lina, you must allow me to thank you for your adorable companionship and for all the joy that you've given me this last eight months."

"Yes," said she, "it's a pity everything is spoiled. But it can't be helped. Good-by."

"Good-by, Lina."

A slam of the door shut him out of her life for ever.