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so often to be found in his countrymen and delicate, finely cut features that would have been effeminate but for a powerful, rather hard jaw, combined with the clear calm blue of wide-open, very serene eyes. His hair, which he wore long, was pale gold, with lighter streaks of silver, but his skin was gold, too, as though he had lived much out-of-doors. And his hands were burned dark with the sun.

De Beauvais was drinking hard.

"He's a pretty boy, isn't he, my friend?" he shouted once more across the table.

"Yes," Lina said again, mechanically, but without looking at the Englishman.

"Could you love him, Lina?"

"I don't know, perhaps. Who can say?"

Madame Elise Rambert was also addressing herself, with great energy, to the champagne. She laughed hysterically, pillowed her head on De Beauvais' shoulder, and seemed to emerge, with a curious agility, from the slender confinement of her lilac dress. Lina lighted another cigarette.

Chevis said to her suddenly, across the table: "Will you come into the other room for a moment?"

"Oh, if you like. They won't miss us here."

And she led the way into the salon.