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'Til teil you," said he, "if you really want to know."

"I do."

"You will probably find me very stupid," said he, "but I don't mind, and I am quite willing to teil you."


"I have worshiped you," he informed her with complete simplicity, "since first I saw you dance. I was obsessed by you—I could think of nothing else. When they told me you were living with De Beauvais, I thought I should go mad."

"But you're a child! What's wrong with you? Why should you think me better than other women?"

He sprang to his feet and came across the room toward her.

"Listen, Lina Varsovina, I don't know what influence you're going to have in my life, or even if we shall ever meet again, but I can only teil you this: that from the first moment I saw you dancing as the Ondine I've never been able to think, even for a moment, of any other woman. You put a spell over me, that first night, and I m

still bewitched."

"You had better," she said, "not teil me such nonsense."

"Why? I suppose you have some rich lover?"

"No. There you're wrong. I've got no lover, at the moment."

"Then why can I not talk to you?" And he was very near to her.

"Because," she said, slowly moving her fire screen, "only two results can come from your sort of confession."

"What results?"

"First let us suppose that I refuse you, which would make you unhappy. Secondly, let us suppose I accept you, which would make you even more unhappy.'


"Because you'd find yourself burdened with an elusive