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"And to think that to-morrow," he said, "we were driving out to watch the Emperor hunting, with all his court!"

"When you come back, Guy. The Emperor won't run away."

"It's I," he said, "who am running away."

"That's nonsense. Kiss me just once more, Guy, and then go quickly, before I see you leave."

"My own darling, my dove, I worship and adore you. There! I won't say good-by—I'll only say good night. God bless you!"

She was alone for a long time, for a whole eternity.

"Marie, Marie!"


"He's gone, hasn't he?"

"Yes, Madame. You can still hear the horses' hooves."

"I don't want to hear them. Shut the window."

She stood where he had left her, white and sick and frozen, like a woman of wax.

"Madame! Here's the coffee you ordered."

"I don't want any coffee."

"All the same, Madame will be kind enough to drink it."

"Leave me alone, can't you?"

"Certainly, Madame, when Madame has finished her coffee."

"He was sorry to go, wasn't he, Marie?"

Marie said simply: "Monsieur was broken-hearted."

"Oh, I don't want this coffee, Marie, I don't want it."

"All the same, Madame must drink it."

"Oh, very well... it's good, only, don't you understand, I am not thirsty."

"Voyons, Madame! Are we to stay here all night!"

"I am going to. You had better go to bed."

"Not before undressing Madame."

"I teil you I'm not sleepy. Don't you understand, I want to be left alone?"