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"Long ago," she told him, lighting another cigarette, "Rosing explained to me that every one would try to make a fooi of me in business matters, simply because I happened to be a woman. I profited by his instructions."

"I imagine," said Heinrich, who was slightly stung by this extreme suspicion, "that those were not the only instructions given you by Rosing. If you had listened

as attentively to "

"Oh," said she, "you can spare yourself the trouble of continuing this conversation. I know very well what is at the back of your mind. You often heard Rosing warn me against falling in loveā€”it was his favorite subject. However, what I have done I don't regret, and never will regret. I'm young, and have the right to feel such emotions, if I wish to. Furthermore, although you often choose to forget it, I happen to be a great artist, and as such have no use for conventions of any kind, not even, let me teil you, for the conventions of the ballet. I happen to be Varsovina, and I think you will agree with me that that, perhaps, is something to boast of, even if I have not danced for two months, and even if Taglioni talks of producing some wretched, half-trained pupil!

However "

"Lina, for God's sake don't upset yourself in this ridiculous manner! And to blame your misfortunes on me .. . that's neither kind nor true."

Heinrich was at his most soothing, his most velvety. He was well accustomed to such scenes, having managed temperamental stars of one kind or another for many years. And once again, watching Lina's white despairing face, he feit sincere pity for her.

"To be sure," he said gently, looking at her with real kindness, "to be sure you are a great artist, my dear, and you must never think that I forget it for a moment, no not even for one single moment."