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it was only as he walked down-stairs that he began to wonder exactly what arrangement had actually been concluded during the course of this fantastic interview, and exactly what salary he was likely to receive as a reward for supporting the fragile body of Varsovina on her next European tour.

When Lina was once more alone in her salon she immediately went across to her writing-table and began to scribble a letter to Kessel. But she had proceeded no further than the words, "On no account offer Borek more

than " when another thought occurred to her, and

springing to her feet, she opened the door and began to call her son's name.

There was no answer for a minute, and then the hunchback appeared, walking furtively upon his toes, his novelette tucked away beneath his arm.

"Well, what is it? I thought you said you didn't want me in here?"

She stood before the writing-table, arms folded on her breast, waves of coral silk billowing about her slender hips; unconsciously, perhaps, she posed, instinctively allowing her supple body to fall into those graceful and plastic lines that were habitual to her every movement. But Paul, regarding her moodily, was unmoved.

"What is it?" he said again.

She said, trying to control her temper, trying to make her voice sound gentle: "How many times must I teil you that you are not allowed in here without my permission? You have the other room in which to sit. Once and for all, understand that you have no business whatever in my private sitting-room."

"I wanted to see Borek for myself. I had heard he was so handsome. I don't think he is; he looks Mongolian or like a Tartar."

"To-morrow," Lina said, "you are going away to the