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else in America. And when they had gone, and she saw that it was long after twelve o'clock, she flew into a rage, and stamped her foot, and bade Marie be very quick indeed, for she was in a hurry.

And then, as she was dressing, there came a knock at the door, and Borek asked if he might come in.

"Oh, I suppose so. But don't look—I am undressed. What do you want?"

"Only to apologize, Lina Varsovina, for my rudeness this evening. I am sorry, but I can't dance Barbe-Bleue in tights. But I had no business to teil you so as abruptly as I did to-night. Will you forgive my Russian manners?"

She was suddenly exhausted, and feit that she would not very much care if he wanted to dance with her stark naked.

"Oh, yes, yes, yes! Anything, so long as I am left in peace!"

"Then will you come and have some supper with me, Lina Varsovina?"

"No," she said, greasing her face, "I am too tired. I have been here in the theater since nine this morning. It's past midnight, now. I only want to go back to my hotel, rest myself, and eat my food all alone. I feel unsociable, Borek, and I can't help it. Another evening, if you like. And now, good night."

"Good night, Lina Varsovina."

She was white and tired when she left the theater. A few admirers awaited her patiently outside the stagedoor, and to these she handed, with an air of imperial courtesy, a handful of red and yellow roses from her bouquets.

And then she drove back to her hotel.

When she arrived in her private sitting-room an enormous fire burned in the grate and before this fire stood a waiter, hovering almost paternally about a little supper