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sovina were not so economical where the traveling expenses of the troupe were concerned. But when the little coryphées rolled their dark eyes at him and tried to insinuate that Lina's illness was due to the fact that she had grown too old to dance strenuously, Weiss, the very soul of loyalty, flew into a temper, and threatened to box their ears. Whereupon they scattered like rabbits, still giggling, with shrill cries of "Mamma mia!" But he continued, still solemn:

"I have known Madame since she was a young girl, younger perhaps than some of you children. I was her musical director when first she toured America. You must permit me to teil you that this sort of gossip is not only silly and disrespectful, but also untrue."

Borek spent the voyage lying on his bunk, smoking cigarettes and staring up at the ceiling. Sometimes he yawned, arching his body as he stretched himself like a sleepy animal, and then, as his chest expanded and great muscles rippled over his back and shoulders, he smiled, thinking to himself that it was splendid to be young and strong, and that for his part he was well content with life, and all that life had given him. And then he would fall asleep, still smiling, looking not unlike a lazy faun.

And the great ship, grandly unperturbed by these tiny curious creatures swarming her decks, continued to steam steadily in the direction of France.