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of red roses, and thrust this tribute into Carlotta's hands.

"There! Take these as a souvenir of your great success to-night. And God bless you! Now go and repose yourself!"

Kessel wiped the sweat from his face. The room was very hot.

"Lina "

"Oh, go, go! I must take off my clothes! In a minute, in a very few minutes, you shall see me dance the Snow Bird as only I can. And afterward "

She broke off. There was a deep happy note in her voice that made it sound as though she were singing. She looked at his blank face and burst out laughing.

"Will you go?" she said. "Or must I put you out by force?"

Kessel went.

He decided that he would be the better for a drink.

But he shook his head and muttered to himself as he hastened down the winding passage, for he really thought as indeed was always the case on first nights, that he inhabited a world in which he alone was sane.