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say of that? Only that once we were young, and loved each other, and were parted. And then he would look at these lines in my face, and I should notice that he was stouter, and we should both try to understand why this parting so nearly killed us, once upon a time, and then we should soon find that we were sleepy, and say good-by, and secretly be glad to leave each other and go our different ways. And there would be no more happiness for either one of us, even in dreams, for our memories would seem ridiculous for ever afterward. No!" She shook her head and continued, with a sort of desperate energy: "Go when I teil you, Marie, and send him away. Please be quick, so that I can't change my

mind. Go now!"

"But what shall I say to him?" Marie beseeched.

"Teil him that I can't come. Just say that I send my love. And please be very quick."

When she was left alone in the dressing-room she flung a shawl over the mirror, so that she might no longer behold her ravaged face, and then she sat patiently, her hands folded in her lap, waiting until Marie returned,


"I told Monsieur."

Marie's tone was remote; it was apparent that they were friends no longer. Once again, Marie inferred, they had become respectively mistress and maid.


"Monsieur has gone away."

"Did he say nothing?"

"He said that he perfectly understood."

"Did he say nothing more?"

"No, Madame."

"Was he not even disappointed?"

Marie relented. She had, after all, received a handsome tip.