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in diameter, the wall is 0.021 in thickness, the pores 0.01 to 0.014 mm. in width, and the intermediate lattice balks 0.007 mmIn diabase-tuff from Badoengan River. A closely similar form occurs in the chert at Eagle Ranch, San Luis Obispo County, California (Jurassic). The type form comes from the Jurassic of West Switzerland.

Cenosphcera ajffinis, sp. nov. PI. I, fig. 7.

The test is smooth, 0.12 mm. in diameter, there are 7 or 8 rows of pores in the part exposed and about 7 pores in each row. The pores are 0.01 mm. and the lattice work from 0.005 to 0.01 mm. in width. It differs from C. pachyderma in the larger size of the test-pores. It occurs in red jasper at Pëpanai Island, River Kërijau.

Cenosphcera sp. ind. a. PI. I, fig. 3.

The test is smooth and o. 13 mm. in diameter, the wall 0.017 mm. in thickness; the pores are 0.006 mm. and the interspaces of nearly the same width. In the thickness of the test this form corresponds with C. pachyderma, but the pores are as large again From diabase-tuff near Mount Rajoen, and from jasper at Mount Badau.

Cenosphcera minuta, Pantanelli, sp. PI. I, figs. 6, 8.

Pantanelli: Ethmosphczra minuta, Atti R. Accad. Lincei, vol. viii, 1880, p. 45, pl. figs. 1, 2. Rüst: Pal. Bd. xxxiv, p. 190. Wisniowski: Jahrb. der k. k. geol. Reichsan. Wien. Bd. xxxviii, p. 683. Parona e Rovereto: Atti R. Accad. Lei. Torino, vol. xxvii, 1895, p. 10, pl. fig. 5.

Test smooth, 0.1—0.105 in diameter, the walls 0.01 mm. in thickness. There are from 7 to 8 rows of pores shown, the pores are 0.006 mm. in width, and the interspaces are slightly smaller. The forms are somewhat smaller than the type from