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Sub-order Tricyrtida Haeckel.

Genus Theosyringium Haeckel.

The median chamber of the latticed test is inflated and the basal forms a slender narrow tube with truncate extremity. Ihe summit is prolonged into a single horn.

Theosyringium Badaucnse sp. nov. PI. II, fig. 20.

Cf. Urocyrtis A malies et U. de Stefanu, Pant. R. Accad. d. Lincei, vol. viii, pp. 53, 541 P^- ^gs- 4^, 47- Th. Amalice, Rüst. Pal.: Bd. xxxi, p. 309, pl. xxxvii, fig. 13; Bd. xxxiv, p. 209. — Parona: Boll. Soc. geol. Italiana, vol. ix, p. 3^1 pl. vi, fig. 2: R. Accad. Scienze Torino, vol. xxvii, pl., fig. 37.

The summit chamber of the test is conical with the pores arranged spirally, the middle chamber is neaily spherical and the basal elongate conical, apparently terminating in a point and not showing any aperture. The total length is 0.49 mm-i the upper chamber measures o. 11 by 0.055 mm- > t^e middle 0.16 by 0.155 mm., and the drawn out base 0.22 by 0.075 mm. The wall of the median chamber is about 0.01 mm. in thickness, and the pores in this portion of the test are about 0.007 mmin width. This form is evidently allied to Urocyrtis Amalice and U. de Stefanii, Pantanelli, which by Dr. Rüst are regarded as belonging to the same species. It differs, however, in minor particulars, both from the forms figured by Pantanelli and those by Rüst, and by Parona, and after some hesitation it seems preferable to place it as a distinct species. The interior of the median chamber is, in part, filled with fibrous chalcedony. Rai e; in jasper at Mount Badau, near the mouth of the Badau River.

Genus Tricolocampe Haeckel.

The basal segment is cylindrical with an open mouth, the summit segments are cylindrical or conical. There are two external strictures or internal annular septa.