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The black sand consists almost entirely of iron-ore, combined with titanic acid (Ilmenite), which is nearly all magnetic (Fe Ti)3 04 (Magnetite), whereas the rest is not magnetic (Fe Ti)s Os (Hematite).

The „Magnetite" can be very easily obtained by magnetic separation, which can be effected in many different ways and does not cost more than 5 pence per ton (1000 Kilogram — 19.64 Cwt.)

The fact that the „Hematite" cannot be separated and is thus wasted, is of no importance whatever, considering the immense quantities of Magnetite.

For exploitation, conveyar.ce, drying, magnetic separation, loading, transport and unloading of the magnetic iron-sand at Tjilatjap the following are the maximum costs per ton:

Exploitation 4 —

Royalty 1/7 (J)

Gouvernment tax 0/10

Total 6/5

say less than half this price everywhere else for less graded iron-ores.

(*) For utilisation of the new process of Professor Dr. W. Borchkrs, (See page 9).