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The price of electric quality-steel in bars is at least £ JO.— up to £ 60.— per ton. The maximum manufacturingcosts of this material will be £ 7.— up to £ 12.— per ton. The freight for transport to several countries (including all expenses) £ I.— up to £ 2.—. A nett profit in average of at least £ 25.— per ton will be obtained.

The minimum profit on 6000 ton of electric steel will be at least £ IJO.OOO.—•

It will be aavisible to manufacture steel with a value (in Europe) not less than £ 4.0.— per ton. The price of tooi steel in Asia is at least £ 50,— up to £ 80.— per ton.

Manufacturing one ton of electric steel by the new process there will be produced at the same time ± 400 K.G. of a slag, containing about 50u;o Titanic acid = + 200 K.G.

For the fabrication of Titanium, Ferro-titanium and Manganesetitanium this slag (Titanide) has a big value.

It can also be used very advantageously in the electric furnace for the reduction and refining of iron, steel and alloys.

"Very large profits could more over be obtained by the manufacturing of alloys, especially Ferro-titanium, and Manganese-titanmm.

The present prices of these alloys are: (')

Ferro-titanium (20 k 25 °/o Ti) 5 k 6 shilling per K.G.

Metallic Manganese . . . , 5 a 6 „ „ „

Manganese-titanium (30 è. 350 0 Ti) .... 12 „ „ „ Metallic Titanium . , 40 „ „ „

Especially after the invention (2) of the quite new marvellous product „Rutiloke" (see page 36) the sale of titaniferous iron-ore will in short time take enormous proportions, in many parts of the world_ For this sale of the Java iron-sand agreements can be made on a basis of royalty.

(i) See „Stahl und Eisen" 6 Mai 1908, No. 19, page 678.

(-) Patents applied for.