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separation is of no account, because of the overwelming quantity of Magnetite;

I also visited the deposit south of Maos, near the village Boenton, eighteen (18) K.M. distance east from Tjilatjap. The beach there is just as level as that near Tjilatjap, with three different „dams". (dunes), loaded with the magnetic-iron-sand, which, being continually thrown on the beach by the waves, is actually inexhaustible.

A sample mixture from the inside of these three dams showed forty (40) percent of magnetite.

From what I have seen of the quantity of this magnetic-iron-sand deposit, which is to be transported in innumerable tons, I know, that Tjilatjap will one day become one of the most noted iron and steel export harbours of the world.

Truly yours

(signed) J. C. DE WITT HAMER.