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Official Report about the experiments which were made on December 12 1906 in the presences of Messrs:

Professor Doctor W. Borchers, Professor of Electro-Metallurgy at the Technical High School, Ludwigsallee 15, Aix-La-Chapelle.

Gustave Gin, Civil Engineer Electrometallurgist, 149 rue de Rome, Paris.

Louis Petitalot, Electrical Civil Engineer, 29 Avenue de la MottePicquet, Paris.

G. van Musschenbroek, Mining Engineer, Delft (Holland).

John. J. Loke, Sub Manager Movement andTrafic, Department of the Government Railways in the Island of Java.


On December 12. 1906 the undersigned assembled at 10 a. m in the Laboratory of Professor Borchers at the Technical High School.

A mixture of sandy iron ore from Java, limestone and carbon had been made, the respective proportions of which had been calculated in order to produce the reduction of iron and the scorification of the slag.

The iron ore has been submitted to a resistence electric furnace to the action of a constant current of about 500 ampères at a working tension of 60 to 65 volts.

It was found, that the fusion of the iron ore was very easily obtained.

At the end of an hour's running, the temperature of the melted mass was taken in the electrical furnace by a Wanner pyrometer.

The temperature was found to be a little over 1900° C.

After that operation the metal and the slag were cast.