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on the melting experiment made with magnetic ironore sand from the South Coast of the Provinces of Banjoemas-Kedoe in the Isle of Java, Netherlands East Indies, in an electrical furnace system „Paul Girod' in the Manufactories of the Limited Liability Company, called ,,Société Anonyme Electrométallurgique", in Ugine Savoy (France) on March 19, 20, 21 and 25,


The Official Report on the experiments made in Aix-La-Chapelle on December 12th 1906, in a small electrical furnace, contains all necessary information regarding the Composition of the Magnetic ironore sand, sent to Ugine. (')

The Object of the Expirements made in Ugine was to prove: 1°. that in using larger electrical furnaces, proportionally less electrical power is required,

2°. that moreover from the melted pig iron, soft iron respectively steel can be obtained in an electrical furnace.

In the electrical furnace in Ugine one-phase-current was obtained by means of a Dynamo producing 3100 ampères at 63 volts with a working factor of 0.75. On an average the furnace received consequently 200 electrical horsepower (H.P.).