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De oorsprong der Grieksche wijsbegeerte

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(Bij blz. 113.)

„In the centre of a masonic lodge, within an irradiation or blazing star \ is inscribed the letter Gr." — „The great central emblem (is) surrounded by a blaze of glory." Richard Carlile as quoted in 1830 by John Fellows: 'The Mysteries of Freemasonry', Reeves' edition (London) p. 199. „In a masonic lodge the holy of holies is represented by a triangle within the circle, having the blazing star wherein is the letter Gr." A. E. Waite in 1911: 'The secret tradition in Freemasonry' I 181.

„It is a diflSlcult thing for masons to make out anything respecting this blazing star that has the least semblance of reason; they find it among the symbols, but are not aware how it came there, and endeavour to make the best of it they can." J. Fellows 1.1. p. 217. (Luci nox addit honorem.) In 'De Vrijmetselaar' van Maart 1917, blz. 272, wordt in het algemeen erkend, dat de vrijmetselaar gebruik maakt van symbolen, waarvan hij droevig weinig begrijpt." The English rituals: „The light of a master mason is darkness visible, serving only to express the gloom that rests on the prospect of futurity." De A.\ M.\ tot den br.\ R.\ in de instructieloge der meesters

*) In the Anatomy of Melancholy, III 2:6. 2, „a blazing star" stands for „stella lucida".