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It is therefore the opinion of the Committee that^hey be directed by the Grand Secretary to make returns of their members, or surrender their charters to the Grand Visitors, or to the Grand Secretary, on or before the next annuai meeting of this Grand Lodge.

Your Committee have carefully examined the report of Br. Blanchard Powers, Grand Visiter of Genesee County, in relation to ihe unrnasonic conduct of some of the late members of Rising Sun Lodge, No. 317.

In accordance with the directions of the Grand Secretary, he had summoned the following brethren to appear before the Grand Lodge at the present session and show cause why they should not be expelled, \\z '.—Joshua Johnson, Timothy Loomis, Gaius B. Rich, Joseph Peters, Joshua Conghran, and George Cooley. That Joshua Johnson, Timothy Loomis, Gaius B. Rich, and Joseph Peters, treated the summons with contempt, and set the authority of the Grand Lodge at defiance. The committee therefore recommend that said Joshua Johnson, Timothy Loomis, Gaius B. liich, and Joseph Peters, be expelled from all Masonic privileges.

, Your committee further report in favor of suspending all further proceedings in relation to Brothers Joshua Coughran, and George Cooley, and recommend that the Grand Secretary be directed to summon Brother Gardner, and Brother D. Wright, of Rising Snn Lodge, to appear before this Grand Lodgo at lts next annual session, and show cause why they should not be expelled for unrnasonic conduct.

. Your committee have had the subject of re-numbering all the Lodges now in good standing, under consideration, and would recommend that new numbers be assigned to the several Lodges in accordance with the list prepared by the Grand Secretary, pursuant to the order of the Grand Lodge. That the Grand Secretary inform each Lodge of the newnumber assigned it,—and that a certmcate of its new number, and stating the original date of the warrant in proper form, be prepared for each Lodge, under the seal of the Grand Lodge, and signature of the Grand Master, or Deputy Grand Master, and Grand Secretary. 1

All which is respectfully submitted.

E. GILBERT, ) Committee JOHN S. PERRY, > on S. S. BIJNGHAM. j Warrants,

It was unanimously Resolved, That all the forfeited warrants, not yet surrendered to the Grand Lod»e, unless revived with the consent of the Grand Lodge, or surrendered previous to the next June Communication, shall be, and are hereby declared ibrever annulled and incapable of being revived.

Ordered, that the Grand Secretary publish a complete list of all the Lodges with the old and new numbers accordjng to the dates of their warrants.

The Joint Committee on Foreign Correspondence and Gnevances, made the following report, which was adopted.

" The Committee appointed at the last June Communication, on the subject of persons initiated pursuant to the x rench and Scottish rites, report:

That much valuable information has been collected by the GraDd Secretary, pursuant to the resolution of the Grand Lodge, as tn the present state ofMasonry in fccotland, and on the continent of Europa. The subject is important,