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September 6, 1843. QUARTERLY MEETING.


The Rt. W. A. H. Robertson, D. G. M. as G. M.

" " Wm. Willis, P. D. G. M. as D. G. M.

" B. Kreischer, of No. 12, as S. G. W.

" B. M. Wattripont, of No. 17, as J. G. W. " " James Herring, G. Secretary.

" Robert Roberts, of No. 20, as G. Treas'r. " " and Rev. VV. W. Wallace, G. Chaplain.

" W. J. Surre, G. Marshal.

" Wm. Wa&ner, G. Standard Bearer. " " John Coffin, G. Sword Bearer.

" Daniël West, G. Steward. •

" James G. Finn, S. G. Deacon.

" Greenfield Pote, J. G- Deacon.

" Wm. Boardman, G. P.

" Alexander Copeland, G. Tiler.

The Representatives of the Grand Lodges of Georgia, South Carolina, New-Jersey, and Texas, and the Representatives and Past Masters of 21 Lodges.

The minutes of the G. L. on Saturday afternoon, June 10, 5843, were read and approved.

The minutes of the G. S. Lodge, on the 30th of Aug., 5843, were read, accepted and approved.

The Rt. VV. and Rev. Brother William W. Wallace, Grand Chaplain, was installed by the Grand Master.

The Grand Secretary stated that there had been no action taken on his report of warrants liable to be declared forfeited, at the last annual meeting, excepting in the case of Junius Lodge, which had gone into the hands of the