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The freemason's quarterly review [1848-1849:] and general assurance advocate

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4s. 4d., and 8s. each, or loose at 6d. per ounce. Look to the Signature of the fnventor, with the above patronage, and may be obtained in every town in the world. Some old Snuff and Cigars as imported. Letters, post paid, with cash orders on London Agents, to Mr. Grimstone, No. 39, Broad-street, Bloomsbury.

ASTHMA, Shortness of Breath, Weazing Couglis, and most Affections of' the Chest and Lungs, relieved in ten minutes, br taking one dose of WOODHOUSE'S BALSAMof SPERMACETI or PECTORALCOUGH DROPS. Persons doubting the efficacy of this Medicine may talce a dose in the Proprietor's shop before they purchase. The Proprietor earnestly recommends a trial of these Drops to persons afflicted with the above complaints, but he does not introducé tliem as being an infallible cure (as many do), but is warranted in asserting tlieir efficacy from

the extensive reliet attorded in numerous cases of the above description. Constitutional coughs of tliree, four, and more years standing, have been cured in the course of a week by the use of these Drops. To be had of D. Woodhouse, 18, King William-street, New London Bridge; Hannay, 63, Oxford-street; and all medicine venders. In Bottles, ls. lid., 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d.,

and lOs. bd. each.

To the Public.

OF all the disorders that attack and ravage the Ifuman Constitution, few or none are so harassing and painful in their

ertects as those havirig their ongin in the Impurity of the Blood. In particular may be named those distressing complaints, Scrofula, Sypbilis, and Scurvy, wliich too often bafile the science of Medical Treatment, and become a source of misery and anguish to thousands. Notwithstanding the different forms of Mercurial Treatment that have been adopted for the cure of' these Disorders, experience has

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the VEGETARLE SYRUP OF DE VELNOS in effecting a perfect and permanent cure. The surprising inherent properties that fnore peculiarly distinguish this mild, efficacious, and salutary Preparation, is its truly extraordinary power in Cleansing and Purifying the Blood, thus gradually destroying all unhealthy secretions, and establishing a firm and healthyaction in the different functions of the body. The Original and only Genuine SYRUP OF DE VELNOS is prepared and sold by Mrs. CANHAM, 52, Bernersstreet, Oxford-street, at 13s. per Bottle, and sold by all the respectable Medicine Venders in Town and Country.

Magna est veritas et pravalebit.


so highly recommended for removing


increasing demand for the above invaluable medicine is the surest proof of their general utility as a sovereign purgative medicine. The proprietors confidently recommend them for most diseases incidental to the human frame, whether natural or induced by irregular modes of living. Bile, Indigestion, Costiveness during pregnancy, Habitual Costiveness, Flatulency, Asthma,Gout, efFects of intemperance, &c. &c. all yield to their sovereign power; their salutary effects have been fully authenticated by the experience of forty years.

They contain neither mercury or any deleterious drug, and may be taken by the most delicate constitution without restraint or confinement—sold in boxes at ls. 1 ~d. and 2s, 2d. each.

HILL'S LITHONTRIPTIC PILLS. for the gravel, pain in the back and loins, and all affections in the uninary passages. Prepared from the original recipe of the late Mr. Thomas Hill, of Hatcheston. The salutary effects of this admirable medicine are too generally known to need any recommendation. In boxes 1$. 1 ^d. and 2s. 9d. each.

GALL'S NIPPLE LINIMENT, an effectual cure for that painful disorder, Sore Nipples. In bottles ls. 1 ^d. each.

FENN'S EMBROCATION, for rheumatism, rheumatic gout, sciatica, lumbago, chilblains, &c. In bottles 2s. 9d. 4s. 6d. and 8s. each —Sold wholesale by the proprietors, at Woodbridge and Bury, Suffolk; and by their appointment, by Messrs. Sutton and Co. Bow Churchyard; Newberry and Sons, 45, St Paul's Churchvard ; Edwards, 6G, St. Paul's Church¬

yard ; Barclay and Sons, 95, Fleet Market; Butler and Co. 4. Cheapside; Evans 42, Long Lane, West Smithlield; Johnston, Greek Street, Soho ; and retail by most venders of Medicines in the United Kingdom.


To prevent imposition, the public are re-

quested to observe, these Medicines cannot be genuine unless the name of BENJAMIN and ABRAHAM GALL are engraved in the Government Stamp, by permission of his Majesty's Honourable Commissioners of stamp

Liuties, to counterreit wnicn is ielony.