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patronage, the craft will attain its highest ornament, protection, and praise. And it is our earnest prayer, that when your light shall be no more visible on this earthly temple, you may be raised to the all-perfect lodge above, be seated on the right of the Supreme Architect of the Universe, and receive the refreshment your labours have merited.

" Ih behalf of the Grand Lodge, we subscribe ourselves, with the highest esteem, your affectionate brethren,

" Paul Revere, Grand Master. " Isa ia h Thomas, G. S. W. " Joseph Loughlin, G. J. W.

" Boston, March 21 st, 5797."

On the 12th of June, the following answer was received by the Grand Lodge:—

" To the Grand Lodge of Free and accepted Masons for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

" Brothers,

" It was not until within these few days that I have been favoured by the receipt of your affectionate address, dated Boston, the 21st of March.

" For the favourable sentiments you have been pleased to express on the occasion of my past services, and for the regrets with which they are accompanied for the cessation of my public functions, I pray you to accept my best acknowledgments and gratitude.

" No pleasure, except that which results from a consciousness of having, to the utmost of my abilities, discharged the trusts which have been reposed in me by my country, can equal the satisfaction I feel for the unequivocal proofs I continually receive of its approbation of my public conduct; and I beg you to be assured that the evidence thereof, which is exhibited by the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, is not among the least pleasing or grateful to my feelings.

" In that retirement, which declining years induced me to seek, and which repose, to a mind long employed in public concerns, rendered necessary, my wishes, that bounteous Providence will continue to bless and preserve our country in peace, and the prosperity it lias enjoyed, will be warm and sincere; and my attachment to the society of which we are members, will dispose me always to contribute my best endeavours to promote the honour and interest of the craft.

" For the prayer you offered in my behalf, I entreat you to accept the thanks of a grateful heart; with assurances of fraternal regard, and my