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Rule 1. Every petition and other pleading filed in the Court and all notiees and other documents issuing from the Court shall be entitled „In the Court of Consuls".

Rule 2. The Court will appoint a Secretary whose name and address will be made public and who shall hold the office until the Court otherwise directs. The Secretary shall have charge of all records and under the direction of the Court issue and serve or cause to be served all notiees or other docnments. He shall also be the medium of all correspondence.

Rule 3. Suits shall be commenced and proceeded with in person or by attorney and suitors may be heard with or without Counsel.

Rule 4. The language of the Court will be English.

Rule 5. All proceedings shall be commenced by a petition to the Court, to be filed in quadruplicate and to state all facts material to the issue in distinct paragraphs.

Rule 6. The petition will be served upon defendant with notice to file an answer in quadruplicate within fourteen days from the date of service. A copy of the answer will be served on the plaintiff or his Counsel under the discretion of the Court.

Rule 7. Amendments and other proper pleadings will be admitted upon such terms as the Court may impose and such interim orders may be made prior to the hearing of the cause as the Court may consider necessary.

Rule 8. When it appears to the Court that a cause is ready to be heard such cause will be set down for hearing and notice of the date and place of hearing will be given to the parties.

Rule 9. Sittings of the Court will be public and its proceedings recorded by the Secretary.

Rule 10. The onus of producing witnesses shall be with the parties but the Court will as far as practicable aid in procuring the attendance of witnesses. Evidence will be taken on oath or otherwise as the witness may consider binding. The examination of witnesses will be conducted as the Court may direct.