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Settlement who pay taxes of Tls. 10 per annum or upwards, and who shall vote by ballot at the Council Office on the same days as those appointed for the election of Members of Council. Any two land owners qualified to vote being entitled to nominale candidates for the position by sending the names to the Council. one week before the election takes place, and the Council shall cause the names of all such nominees to be exhibited in the office on the day of the poll. If only one namebe suggested then that person shall be the Commissioner without a poll. The third Commissioner shall be elected byresolution of a Meeting of Ratepayer. Any two Ratepayers qualified to vote being entitled to nominate candidates for the position by sending in the names to the Council one week before any Meeting of Ratepayers; and the Council shall cause the names of all such candidates to be published with the notiees of motions for the Meeting. Should no name be duly sent in any qualified candidate may be proposed, seconded and elected at the Meeting.

All three Commissioners shall go into office on the day after the Annual Meeting of Ratepayers and go out of office on the day after the next Annual Meeting, except as to matters then pending before them which they shall have power to complete.

No one who is a salaried offical of the Council shall be eligible as a Commissioner.

Vacancies occurring during the year shall be filled by appointment or election by the party who appointed the Commissioner whose place shall have become vacant—a Special Meeting of Ratepayers being called if necessary.

The Commissioners shal make their award within a month from the time they are applied to or within such time as they or a majority of them may extend it to.

The expenses of the Land Commissioners shall be defiayed out of the Public Funds, the fees of the Commissioners being either regulated by the Municipal Council in accordance with the time engaged on the duties, or fixed beforehand.


Railways. Tn tne event of the Imperial Railway Administration or any other duly authorised person or Corporation desiring to acquire land by compulsory purchase in the Settlement for the purpose of constructing a railway the said Administration, person or corporation shall deliver to the Municipal Council a plan of the line shewing the land required and shewing the manner in which Public Roads are to be dealt with, and whether they are to be crossed by bridges or on the level, and giving such other information as will enable the Council to see how public rights will