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judgments obtained by them, and shall also incur the obligations which private defendants have in proceedings at law or suits in equity commenced against them, provided that the individual members of the Council or their Secretary shall not be personally responsible, but only the property of the Council, and all proceedings against the said Council or their Secretary shall be commenced and prosecuted before a „Court of Foreign Consuls," which shall be established at the beginning of each year by the whole body of Treaty Consuls.


Hereafter should any corrections be requisitein these Regulations Amendment or should it be necessary to determine on further rules, or should of Reeulatidoubts arise as to the construction of, or powers conferred onshereafterthereby, the same must be consulted upon and settled by the Foreign Consuls and Local Chinese Authorities, subject to confirmation by the Foreign Representaves and Suprème Chinese Government at Peking.


That the words "Renters of Land and Ratepayers" wherever Land Renters

they occur in the foregoing Regulations shall, where not otherwise and

indicated by the connection in which they occur, be taken to RatePayers

mean Electors entitled to vote according to the therms of Art. XIX '° mean



The Council may from time to time make Rules with respect Buildings, to the structure of walls, foundations, roofs and chimmeys of new buildings for securing stability and the prevention of fires, and for purposes of health, with respect to the sufficiency of the space about buildings to secure a free circulation of air, and with respect to the ventalion of buildings, with respect to the drainage of buildings, to waterclosets, earthclosets, privies, asphits and cesspools in connection with buildings, and to the temporary or permanent closing of buildings or parts of buildings unfït for human habitatton, and to prohibition of their use for habitation. And they may further provide for the observance of such Rules by enacting therein provisions as to notiees, as to the deposit of plans and sections by persons intending to construct buildings, and as to inspection by the Council; and the Council may remove, alter or pull down any work begun or done in contravention of such Rules or of any Bye-Iaw of the Council. Provided always that no such Rules shall come into operation until they have been submitted to the Land Commissioners for their opinion, though they shall not be subject to their veto, and until six months after publication.