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parents, and my good-will to my country — and thereupon I forsake my Christian faith —" Ger.: Stay there, most puissant judge.

Signor Mercatore, consider what you do: Pay me the principal; as for the interest, I forgive it you.

And yet the interest is allowed amongst you Christians, as well as in Turkey; therefore, respect your faith, and do not seek to deceive me.

Merc.: No point da interest, no point da principal. Me will be a Turk, I say. Me be weary of my Christ's religion, and for dat me come away.

Ger.: Well, seeing it is so, I would be loth to hear the people say, it was 'long of me thou forsaketh thy faith: wherefore I forgive thee frank and free, protesting before the judge and all the world never to demand penny nor half penny.

Merc.: O Sir Gerontus, me take your proffer, and tank you most heartily.

Judge: But Signor Mercatore, I trow, ye will be a Turk for all this.

Merc.: Signor, no; not for all da good in da world me forsake a my Christ.

Judge: Jews seek to excel in Christianity, .

and Christians in Jewishness. (Exit] Merc.: Veil, veil; but me tank you, Sir Gerontus,

with all my very heart.